Keyboard Maestro Editor – Syntax for Smart Group Search String With Boolean "OR"

To find all macros with Opt Cmd triggers, this string works: t:⌥⌘ -t:⌃ -t:⇧

I tried the same syntax to find all macros that use ← or →, I tried: :t→←
and it didn’t work. I also tried t:→ t:← AND substituting h (hotkey) the t.

I’m not clear on the difference between a trigger and a hotkey, except that a hotkey is a type of trigger (there are many others).

Just one arrow works: h:→ , and h:← in separate smart groups, but there must be a way to search for macros the use either arrow in the hotkey.


Hey Russell,

Multiple characters (AND) are supported.


Negation is supported:


But I don't believe boolean OR is supported.

manual:Search Strings [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]



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Correct, there is no boolean OR in the search field.

You can create a Smart Group and then you can include multiple searches, and they are ORed together.

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Thanks, Chris. Any idea why


doesn’t work, then? (seeking hotkeys that use the arrow character in either direction. A single arrow works, but not both together.

For that to work the hotkey would have to contain both arrows, and that's not possible.

On the other hand – if your macro contained two triggers that respectively contained a left-arrow and a right-arrow then this would work:

hotkey:→ hotkey: ←

To get a local OR condition you have to do as Peter suggested and use a Smart-Group.


Of course, I now understand that two arrows were two different characters and can’t exist in the same hotkey. Ctrl, Cmd, Opt and Sh are modifiers and can exist together. I was treating modifiers the same as characters.

And Peter's suggestion worked great. Thanks for the illustration. Can't believe I didn't notice the green plus to add other strings to get the OR.

Everyone is so kind in this forum!