Keyboard Maestro Engine constantly needs to be restarted


I'm constantly having to restart the keyboard maestro engine. I've gone through all the steps on the "accessibly permissions problem" page:

I've also tried uninstalling and re-installing.

How can I resolve this?

What behavior caused the restart?

I cannot trigger macros until the engine is restarted

Same here.

Happens a few time every day.

This seems to be related to using remote triggers. I don't have any issue with other triggers

Why do you need to restart the KM Engine?
What is not working now, that worked before, that makes you think you need to do this?
Have you tried the KM Editor > Help > Interactive Help, and selected:


I have to restart because KME will not run any macros triggered by a web trigger.

I have tried this process as well as everything on this page: