Keyboard maestro engine won't launch

I’m having trouble getting the keyboard maestro engine to launch on my machine. the editor looks fine, but nothing happens when I go to the menu bar and launch the editor. sniffing around in the finder I managed to get this readout in my terminal:

        Last login: Wed Nov 29 09:06:29 on ttys000
/Applications/Keyboard\\ Maestro ; exit;
cwollenberg-macbook:~ cwollenberg$ /Applications/Keyboard\\ Maestro ; exit;
2017-11-29 09:18:08.713 Keyboard Maestro[847:18284] *** WARNING: Textured window <IntegratedWindow: 0x7fb8f6c39790> is getting an implicitly transparent titlebar. This will break when linking against newer SDKs. Use NSWindow's -titlebarAppearsTransparent=YES instead.
2017-11-29 09:18:10.161 Keyboard Maestro[847:18284] KMApplication::LaunchEngine error Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=256 "The application “Keyboard Maestro Engine” could not be launched because a miscellaneous error occurred (OSStatus -36)." UserInfo={NSURL=file:///Applications/, NSLocalizedDescription=The application “Keyboard Maestro Engine” could not be launched because a miscellaneous error occurred (OSStatus -36)., NSUnderlyingError=0x7fb8f7bf2560 {Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-36 "ioErr: I/O error (bummers)"}}

I don’t know if this is helpful, But I can’t figure out what might have caused the problem or how I could fix it.

I was on it towards the end of the day working on a cron triggered macro and my computer’s battery got low enough overnight that it went to sleep.

I’ve restarted a few times to no avail.

update: Did a Reboot to safe mode and still couldn’t get it running

Error -36 is an IO error. My guess would be a disk error in a file in Keyboard

I would try:

  • Full Disk Backup (which you should already have!)
  • Disk First Aid - find out if there are other problems on your harddisk
  • Quit Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine
  • Download a fresh copy of Keyboard Maestro (
  • Trash the existing Keyboard
  • Using the Finder move the newly downloaded Keyboard to the /Applications folder.
  • Launch Keyboard Maestro

You will also want to be vigilant about backups and consider replacing the harddisk depending on what you find.

I ended up doing just that. it worked! Thanks.

as soon as i got done with that i started manically shopping for SSD’s to replace my hard drive with :sweat_smile:.

Thanks again for the help!

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