Keyboard Maestro mysteriously updated to 8.0.3

Peter I am concerned. I just got a prompt that my trial period ended for Keyboard Maestro 8.0.3. This is odd because I have never updated it from the prior version. I am clear on not having done this. So how did the trial get installed when I have been dismissing the update prompts?

I also got an alert after clicking on “continue trial” since I didn’t want it to stop running my current macros. After clicking on “continue trial” an additional pop-up displayed which said:

“Upgrade License Available
An upgrade license is available for your account. Would you like it applied automatically to this version of Keyboard Maestro?”

Since I already applied the free upgrade I received because the date of my purchase was after the required date for version 7.x this is also confusing.

An additional concern is that a very consistent macro that logs into a web page (which has not changed) now no longer works.

The only way to update Keyboard Maestro is either manually, or by clicking the Install button on an update message, which includes details about the new update. There is no other way.

This is a new feature of version 8, whereby if it sees you have an old license, and your account has a version 8 license, it can automatically apply the license for you.

The message above is only given when the current license is for an older version, so I presume you had not actually applied the license to that copy of Keyboard Maestro.

The only other possibility for any of this would be if you have had some sort of harddisk issue or files restored from backups, or some preference problem or something odd like that.

There is not enough information in this to resolve the issue.

Thanks Peter, I seem to be working now. The web page not working is due to some very subtle changes to the page. It looks the same but upon closer inspection of their code they have changed object names (same look though). So I will need to re-code my macro. :slight_frown: