Keyboard Maestro quit unexpectedly

@peternlewis I've been getting this error more and more often over the last month or so, with both the prior version of KM and the new one:


It happens when I close down the editor. Which is kind of amusing, because I actually did expect it to quit.

Here's my latest crash report. Let me know if you need anything else (and yes, I've rebooted multiple times):

crash (8.6 KB)

Yes, I've seen that crashlog, though I don't know what exactly it is related to. It appears to be releasing a Switch statement in a Favorite action.

Does it happen every time you quit the editor (maybe after having opened the Action selector or New Action by Name or New Action menu)?

If so, if you wouldn't ming sending me ( your Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist file that would likely let me figure it out very quickly. But if you don't want to do that, then it'll remain on my radar and I'll try to figure out more. Possibly just whatever Favorite action you have with a Switch/Case action in it would be enough.