Keyboard Maestro “Start/Stop Editing Macros” Macro

I never thought I had to do this - create a macro for use within Keyboard Maestro! But this is a keaybord shortcut I wanted for a while in KM: a toggle switch to edit macro's. And that is exactly what this does. Very handy command-E when you're on a macro, it will open or close the Edit mode.
Start:Stop Editing Macros.kmmacros (3.2 KB)

Cheers --Mike

PS Peter, I used the share button in KM to share this, but the image & macro were not uploaded - I added them manually afterwards. Something wrong? --M.

Thanks @Michiel!

Some things to note:

  • When posting a macro (highly encouraged!), use the “macro” category.
  • The Select a Menu Item action can take alternatives like “Start Editing Macros|Stop Editing Macros”, specifically for such cases when you want to toggle.
  • When you share to the forum, make sure you click the Both button (which uploads both and posts). If you just click New Topic, nothing will be uploaded. It could be something went wrong, or it could just be that. Check next time.
  • Macros are always saved, always live, so there is no actual need to turn Edit Mode off. A lot of people think it’s necessary, but it’s not, macros are saved live as you edit them (so be careful with time triggered or similar macros that could trigger while you are editing them).

Thanks again!

  • OK, I’ll use the Macro category
  • Select a menu item: thanks for the tip
  • I think I may have missed the ‘both’ button
  • I think they are more easily readable in non-Edit mode, and it prevents me from making accidental mistakes.

Cheers --Mike

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