Keyboard Maestro, X-Keys & Radiologik DJ Palette

Keyboard Maestro, X-Keys & Radiologik DJ Palette

Thanks to JMIchaelTX for info on how to address the Forum correctly. Much appreciated.

MAC OS 10.15.7
KM Version 9.2
X-Keys 24
RLDJ 2021.5.1

Radiologik DJ (RLDJ) is Mac software for radio stations to play music and short audio clips.

It can play by one of the 3 players in the Program Window (See RLDJ Program TAB Screen Pic)

It can also play via the Palette (See RLDJ Palette TAB Screen Pic)
There are 20 Boxes per Palette.
There is a total of 50 Palettes and the active one utilizes the shortcuts

I have successfully programmed most functions I need, including Play Next (N) and Track Properties (CMD OPT i)
I originally had the shortcut set to 0 (the number zero). This worked fine but changed it to “N” in RLDJ Preferences. (See RLDJ Preferences Screen Pic) to avoid confusion with Paltte shortcuts.
You will also notice on the screen Palettes 0-9 selected. This makes the number 0-9 shortcuts to play the first 10 boxes. Shift+Num Plays the Boxes 11-20. This is not able to be modified.

On the MAC keyboard Pressing one of the numbers 0-9 will trigger the applicable palette and play the audio. NOTE: You do not have to be in the Palette TAB for the shortcuts to work.

In KM, I made a New Macro called PLAY Palette 9
Set Trigger to Device Key.
Pressed appropriate Button on X-Keys 24
Selected Interface Control Actions and then Selected “Type a Keystroke”
Typed “9” (See KM PLAY Palette 9 Macro Pic)

However, this will not action the Palette, even when in the Palette TAB.
There is no error message or a “KM Conflict Palette”

I have run the Debugger, but there is nothing when I “Step Down”

I hope this gives enough info for someone to be able to assist.

Thanks in advance
Cheers Bob

PLAY Palette 9 .kmmacros (2.7 KB)