Keyboard navigation of user input boxes with drop down lists

I wonder if you guys have had any experience with user input actions that use a drop down selection to select variables and navigating this prompts with the keyboard.

I find that my drop down lists and radio buttons and such require me to leave the keyboard and reach for the mouse to successfully make my selections.

Ideally I would like to trigger the input box with a hotkey and then select my options with the direction arrows, space bar, and return.

I have enable the Keyboard option for Full Keyboard Access “all controls” in the system preferences, but I still find when I trigger a user input the up and down arrows on the keyboard don’t correctly open and select items in the KM prompt.

I can see this behavior working just fine in other apps and browsers, just not in KM.

Hey, wondering if this topic can be revived and if there is a solution? Could this be added as a feature? Seems pointless to have a macro and then have to use the mouse anyway.

If “all controls” is enabled, then it is up to the system to handle tabbing and arrow keys to control menus and radio buttons. There is not anything Keyboard Maestro can do in this case since the system seems to just decide not to do it (or sometimes to add long delays to actions, or ignore the first several keystrokes).

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Thanks for the reply. Really appreciate what you have done!