Keycue conflict with Keyboard Maestro

Keycue 10.2 (19048)
Ventura 13.6.7

Keycue works perfectly as long as I do not check the "macro hotkeys" box. If I check the box, I cannot see the menu shortcuts in any app (in addition to not seeing the Keyboard Maestro macro hotkeys).
When "macro hotkeys" is not checked, I can see the menu shortcuts in apps, but not the KBM shortcuts. Other functions (emoji, keycue settings, etc) work fine.

What I tried
• uncheck "include shortcuts in services menu"
• check and uncheck keycue in settings → privacy and security
• quit → restart keycue multiple times
• quit → restart Keyboard Maestro multiple times
• reboot my Mac multiple times.

thank you

Do you mean that the behaviour of Keycue is not as you expect? If so, you should report that to the developers of Keycue.

Keycue accesses Keyboard Maestro macro information via AppleScript.

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thank you @peternlewis . I wrote to the developer.

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+1 datapoint. They are working together for me. KeyCue 10.2 and KBM 11.0.3


thanks very much. So the problem is on my side. Another mystery to solve.
You see all macro shortcuts ?


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Thanks very much for the snapshot. I have spent the past day troubleshooting this issue with no results

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Given it's AppleScript, make sure KeyCue has Automation control over the Keyboard Maestro Engine.

Also, given it's weird, Restart.


How would I do that ? Keycue has permissions in security and privacy → accessibility and input monitoring, but how do I give it control over the KM engine ?

I quit → restart everything many times including my mac, KM editor and engine, deleted and reinstalled Keycue. I am not asking you to troubleshoot the issue, I am just asking what you mean by " give it control over the KM engine"

thank you very much

Security & Privacy ➤ Automation.

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I just installed the trial version of KeyCue 10.2 (the current version in June 2024).

I had been using CheetSheet, because it's free. Based on comments in multiple KBM Forum threads, I decided to give KeyCue a try. I was surprised and delighted to discover that it will show me all the KBM hotkey that are currently active in whatever app context I am in — including my own macros' hotkeys! (Just like in @devoy's screenshot above.)

It's not just a generic list, it's a realtime answer to the What Hotkeys Are Active? question. Unfortunately for me on a limited income, KC is pricey, $30 these days, for a product that is a fraction of KBM, but we all know that KBM is an outrageously good deal. So if I can find some other ways that it is useful, I'll probably be getting it. At the moment, it's a contender.

As for the Original Question, I was surprised when a permissions box came up asking me to allow KC to control KBM. That seemed odd, but now I know what that was about.

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