Kill specific applications?


I wonder β€” is it possible to only quit certain applications, e.g. based on their BundleIdentifier? When I program, I compile the code into an application, and when I stop programming, I have a bunch of trial applications still open and have to delete them one by one from the dock. Just killing them all would be a huge annoyance-saver. Is that possible? Can KM look into the plists of applications?


If they all have the same bundleid, then you could have a Quit a Specific Application action, select the desired application, change the menu to specify match by bundle ID, and then just run the action a bunch of times (essentially until it errors).

Hi Peter,

I really don't understand what you're saying… :wink: I've tried several things, but I don't see what you mean. I can only quit the Front Application, and Match by BundleID does not seem to do anything. So I probably did not explain properly.

I have several test applications open, all with the same icon and bundleID, and I want to close them all with one maestro stroke. So KM should be able to find all open applications with this bundleID on my Mac, and kill them.

Hope you can help!

Use the Quit a Specific Application action, select any one of your application. Then configure it to match by bundle ID.


The action does not complain if the application is not running, so no need to turn off any notification on errors.
Run the action multiple times within a Repeat action.


That should quit all of the application with the specified bundle id.

Hm… I think I got this. If I have, say, 4 apps open with the same BundleID, it doesn't do to repeat the command 4 or even 10 times. When, on a whim, I set repeat to ’50’, it worked as expected. Does KM have to walk through every open application? Is that it?


I don't know what you mean.

The action simply asks the application to quit. If you call it again immediately, the app probably hasn't had a chance to quit, so it probably just asks it to quit again. So add a small pause, or use a While action and the Application condition to keep quitting until there are none left.

Ah, OK. So I'll build in a short break, thanks!

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