KM + Chromium browser


Does KM support Chromium browser?

It's Chrome based and should work fine but as i can see KM actions like do something in "front browser" doesn't work in Chromium, should i enable something or grant any permissions?

All the actions performed in front browser Chromium are done in Google Chrome by some reason.

Please advise.

Keyboard Maestro supports two browsers, Safari and Chrome.

Both Safari and Chrome have variant browsers. They are not supported directly, but you can change Keyboard Maestro to support them instead of their original browsers as described in the Preferences user manual section.

Note that this only works for these variants of Safari and Chrome, it will not work for trying to use some other web browser (eg FireFox) or the line.

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Hello @peternlewis,

Thank you for the reply.

If i undestand you correctly, there is a possibility to add Chromium to KM in preferences so KM actions would be available for Chromium?

I do not want to replace Google Chrome with Chromium i just need a third browser to work with in KM.

Thank you in advance.

You can choose one or the other. Although I thought that “Front Browser” should work with Chromium unless they have changed it in a way that makes it unrecognisable to Keyboard Maestro. What is the bundle ID for Chromium? Is it different to Chrome and Canary? If so, then it is probably not currently supported, though it perhaps could be.

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A new Safari tab opens after running the actions shown below, by some reason.

I am not sure what "bundle id" means

The version of GC i am currently using is:
Version 70.0.3538.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

The version of Chromium is:
Version 72.0.3614.0 (Developer Build) (64-bit)

The "front browser" actions do work very well in Canary so the question is solved.

Many thanks to Mr @peternlewis :+1::+1::+1:

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Hello @peternlewis,

Is it possible to use "execute JavaScript in Google Chrome (Canary)" by modifying or adding a custom action for this to run in Canary?

As you mentioned above it's possible to change the original browsers in Preferences but it won't work for me as i am working in Safari, Chrome, Chrome Canary simultaneously and looking for a way to run java in Canary if the browser is not frontmost.

Thanks in advance.

Not within the action, no.