KM Control-Option-Command-V for clipboard history interferes with Finder's Option-Command-V

Background: In Finder, one can move a set of files by selecting them, pressing Command-C, then navigating to the destination folder, and pressing Option-Command-V.

I have the "Activate Clipboard History Switcher" action bound to Control-Option-Command-V.

Problem: After pressing Command-C on a file, I navigate to a new location in Finder. Then, when I press Option-Command and click on the Edit menu, I see the "Move Here" option, but when I select it, nothing happens.

If I re-bind the "Activate Clipboard History Switcher" action to Command-\, then Finder works as expected.

Expected outcome: Control-Option-Command-V would not interfere with Option-Command-V

Workarounds: Use a different key binding for the Clipboard History Switcher.

Is this a bug? Is there a better workaround where I can use my preferred key binding?

Hey @coppit,

I have a feeling you're not fully describing your process.

  • What version of macOS are you using?
  • What version of Keyboard Maestro are you using?

The Clipboard History Switcher Command key cannot interfere with anything unless it happens to have the same keyboard shortcut.

The Clipboard History Switcher makes use of the system clipboard when you copy to or paste from it, because that's the way the macOS works.

V interferes with macOS' Paste-and-Match-Style keyboard shortcut, so I use

V for the history switcher.


OSX Ventura 13.1, KM 10.2.

So I remapped the hotkey for clipboard history as you recommended. The menu item worked, but not the hotkey. That's when I realized I had remapped Option-Command-V to "Paste without formatting". After fixing that, I can no longer reproduce my issue. I think I must have quit KM during my testing, and gotten confused about whether I had remapped Clipboard History when it started working.

Thanks for helping me to see what the real problem was!

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