KM Editor does not navigate sidebar item list by typing correctly

In the Keyboard Maestro Editor window, when I focus the “groups” sidebar, then start typing to jump to a specific group, sometimes the app focuses the wrong sidebar item.

For example, right now I had my “Messages” group selected. I hit the F key, expecting the focus to jump to my “Finder” group, but it jumped to my “Apps” group instead, as if I had hit the A key.

I can’t reproduce this reliably, but I can make it recur pretty consistently if I try for a minute or two.

I can make a video if that would help.

No idea on this. It’s always very difficult to figure out the issue with something like this without a reproducible case.

Keyboard Maestro 7 is due out soon, so there is really no point in looking at it until its verified to continue to happen there. If it does, then if you can produce it repeatably, then send me an email with a copy of your Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist file and the instructions on how to repeat it and I will see if I can duplicate the issue.

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Works for me! Can’t wait for version 7!