KM Engine hangs intermittently

After X minutes of uptime my KM engine hangs.
This means I'm not able to use KM until i Force Quit the process, and the I can use it again for one to a couple of minutes.

It started earlier this week, after I did a reboot. I'm on macOS Sonoma beta.

Please advise!

If it's hanging frequently (every "couple of minutes" as you say) then the first thing I would do is check the Engine log file to see which macros, if any, are running before the hang. If no macros were running, then the problem, clearly, is not with any macros that you are running. If macros are running, then there's a possibility that one of your macros is triggering the problem. In either case, a hang shouldn't happen, but it might help to know if one of your macros is triggering this behaviour. Indeed, the Architect of KM may want to see what macro could possibly have caused this.

I suspect someone with more experience than me will chime in. I'm just an average guy here.

How do I see the logs?

I'm quite sure that no macros are the cause of this. Firstly, 95% of my macros are "Open this app with with this keyboard shortcut" or "Do this menu item with this shortcut".
Furthermore, the engine hangs without me doing any shortcuts.

I will probably have to report this to the developer.

Help > Open Logs Folder, then open (probably) Engine.log in a text editor and scroll to the end for the latest messages.

@peternlewis reads here regularly; he may ask for a spindump or similar diagnostic report. However, this confuses me:

There currently is no Sonoma beta—macOS 14.5 is current, and there are no developer builds of future versions, probably because Apple's gearing up for WWDC next week. Exactly which version of Sonoma are you on?


Hi, @carlsson. You might find this macro helpful as you troubleshoot: Engine.log Tool

That might be true, but I can tell you that well over 90% of all user problems can be solved just by asking people on this forum, which you are doing, and it will probably be faster than reporting it to the developer.

When you need to force quit it, use the Activity Monitor to get a Sample and send it to me (Stairways Software: Contact Us).

That will likely at least indicate where the problem is.

The Keyboard Maestro Engine freezing is very unusual, it usually indicates a corruption somewhere in the system (Launch Services cache, or Login Items list are popular), or sometimes a reference to an application on an unmounted disk that the system tries to mount.

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