KM issue with Safari in macOS 10.12.4 beta 3

Many strange new things in the the Safari 10.1 (12603.1.29)
I can for example not get the Click Safari Link to work anymore.
The action now failed to show the available links on a page.

Hey Eric,

Make sure that Allow JavaScript from Apple Events is ON in the develop menu.

If you can't see it in your menu bar then turn it ON in Safari's advanced preferences.



The Safari actions are straight forward AppleScript requests to Safari, including asking it to perform JavaScript commands on the web page.

It is possible Safari has broken those (or intentionally broken them like they did with the “Allow JavaScript from Apple Events” restriction). If it is not simply not turning that preference on (or even if it is), you should report it to Apple via bugreporter.

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Hi there Chris.
It is on. There’s something else going on here…
I have also noticed that JS isn’t responding as before all throughout the 10.12.4 beta but the latest behaviour is new for 10.12.4 beta 3.

Thanks Peter.
Something appears to have broken.
I’ll report it to Apple.

Here’s a confirmation:


FWIW, I reported the same issue with the latest Safari 10.1 a couple days ago. “Set URL” is also broken, as is JavaScript from Apple Events.

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These problems are fixed with Safari in today’s Sierra 10.12.4 update.

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