KM Macro Cancellation Notifications

Would it be possible to activate the button "Show" (in my German Screenshot "Anzeigen") so that I can immediately see the full notification without deep diving into some LOG areas ore elsewhere?


I personally would really like it as a huge improvement that just saves time.

BTW: I checked the recommended topic "Display Last KM Macro Error" and installed the macro but it doesn't show an error. So I can just guess that there is a difference between a cancellation and an error.


Hallo @Hans-Peter_Henkel, mein Englisch ist auch nicht so gut :wink:

For me the mentioned KM macro works very well. Here is an example:

Here is the macro I use on my german macOS:

03)View <4A99 210421T221126>.kmmacros (119,0 KB)

I agree -- that would be very helpful.

Until/If this is provided, perhaps you would find this macro helpful:

MACRO: Display Last KM Macro Error Ver 4 [Pub]

Thanks so much, @appleianer and @JMichaelTX for your answers. Much appreciated.

I tried both macros, the original one and the "German adaption". Maybe I am just mis-interpreting the result in some way. I triggered a macro with a "found image" part without the image being displayed. That was my issue yesterday. I got the message "Macro Cancelled" and the part of it "…no unique image found…". Running your macros "Display Last KM Macro Error…" I always get "No Macro Errors found i.e. since 2021-04-22 07:37:45" even though I ran this after that particular time.

Is there a difference in terms between "Error" and "Cancellation"?

But anyway, today I tried using the provided button "Open KM Engine Log" and this of course shows the full text so it helps a lot!

Thanks again and enjoy your day!

Yes there is.
A macro can be terminated by these events:

  1. A Macro Action fails and the Macro is terminated due to error.
  2. You have a "Cancel Macro" action in the Macro
  3. The macro reaches the end of its Actions.

My macro is designed to report on #1.
But it also provides an option to display the last N lines of the KM Engine Log. Viewing that could provide the info you are looking for.

I think I have a fix that will report on this type of error. Please download the update, Ver 4.3, and try again.

Just updated the above OP with Ver 4.3.

It will now report on errors like this:

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Thanks so much @JMichaelTX. This is awesome and very helpful. It works great and even though I also figured out that the previous version had this kind of shortcut to the Log file this is again very comfortable and a time saver.

Thanks again. You guys are awesome and your help is much appreciated!

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