KM newbie - a question about a "Recorded Macro"

Having just got my KM license, I went to create a hot key macro for an Action I do a lot.
That being, go to the Apple Menu, and select About This Mac.

I couldn't find the Actions in any of the Action groups, so I did a Record to create the macro.
It works, but I don't understand some of the terminology in the "Will Execute the Following Actions" part of the recorded macro. Below is a screenshot.


  1. I understand the "Select About This MAc in the Menu Apple", but I don't understand why "in Keyboard Maestro" is displayed there.

2.Below that, I don't understand the Select Menu in KeyboardMaestro

Would someone explain those steps, or point me to a reference that does?


Hello cappy, glad to help you.

Firstly, the Select or Show a Menu Item is located at Interface Control Action Catagories.

Secondly, for your question:

  1. Because the action is generated by recording, and KM is the front App when recording. You can alter the Select menu in -> Front Application after recording.
  2. If you want to get more knowledge about this action, you can check the wiki page.

Thanks Oscar.

When selecting the "Select or Show a Menu Item" action, it is important that you click on the "menu" icon and then select the corresponding app and then select the menu command that is important for you.

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For a direct answer, because you told it to in the Action:


@OscarGong has given you the fix.


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