KM Not Working - Getting Started?

Hi all,

I'm a new user of KM, having purchased it to assist me with Finale. However, I'm having some issues with KM at the first step of the process.

I've set it up as directed, and have downloaded a few basic Finale macros to see how things go. I've got the KM Engine running in the background, and Finale open as well. I've been through the troubleshooting steps for ensuring things are working - enabling groups, enabling macros etc - yet I still can't get the macros to work with Finale.

If I hit the Run button, and then head to Finale, I can see that the macro has done it's thing, but the hot keys/triggers just don't seem to work on their own.

I'm sure my issue is probably quite obvious, however I would appreciate any help to sort this out, so I can get on with using KM with Finale. (It's supposed to be great, from what I've been told!)

Thanks a lot,
Andrew Harrison

I'm going to guess you haven't targeted Finale with the Macro Group. Here's an example of targeting a Macro Group to run only in BBEdit:


If that hasn't fixed it, post your macro here.

Thanks both Mr Pasini and Noisneil.

After posting my issue, I did some searching, and found another Finale user who had a similar problem. This person set their KM macro to 'Allows activated and show/hides a palette when:', and it worked, so I did the same. And now it works!

I've got no real idea why this makes a difference, but it did the trick, so I'm going with that for the moment.

I appreciate you both taking an interest in my situation.

Best regards,
Andrew Harrison

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You'll want to restrict your macro group to Finale if you haven't – otherwise it will be global.