KM not working with Safari?

Is anybody running OS X Sierra and latest Safari 10.0.1? KM actions are not working for me.

Running OS 10.12.1 and Safari 10.0.1
KM is running great for me.

@demirtas1 -

My experience with a similar problem may provide a clue where to look.

Select macro group that is causing the problem.
Then look at dialog in upper, right corner of KM Editor window:


If applications have version numbers in their names, KM will think they are different aplications -- so not available expected:

Safari 10.0
is not the same name as
Safari 10.0.1

If that doesn't solve the problem, then please post here a screen image of your entire macro group dialog box.

Hi Mark, my macro just says Safari it does not specify the version in the actions.

@demirtas1 -

Please post screen image of your macro group.

Javascript was already enabled.... it still does not work


Hey Ali,

You’ve misunderstood what the error message you got means.

See the bulleted items in Peter’s first post in the thread JM pointed you to.

Googling this will also provide quite a bit of information on the topic:

safari allow javascript from apple events