[KM] Put Selected Actions into Group Action

@JMichaelTX Thanks for this Macro! I tried to make one before but abandoned it since it wasn't dependable. This seems to be better.

I added Renaming after (as also requested by @MitchellModel), using the advice yourself and @peternlewis provided in the other thread.

Note that the renaming portion will fail if it there is another unnamed Group visible on the screen (since it relies on Found image). I didn't bother solving it, since anyone who uses this will likely be renaming their other Groups anyway.

What would be perfect would be a fallback - so that if no actions are selected, it creates an empty group. Not sure the best way to approach this... any ideas?

Keyboard Maestro “[KM] Put Selected Actions into Group Action - ADDED RENAME” Macro

[KM] Put Selected Actions into Group Action - ADDED RENAME.kmmacros (103 KB)


Very nice, Joel.

I love to see people take one of my macros, and enhance it for their own use.
That’s the main reason I post macros – to give others a good starting point and example.

Well, you could check to see if the Clipboard has changed AFTER the COPY in the macro.
If no change, show a notification instructing the user to first select the Actions to put into the Group.

To check the clipboard, see:
MACRO: [CB] How to Detect When Clipboard Has Changes [Example]

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Does this macro still work?

Hey Hutch,

This macro was posted 6 years ago, and @JMichaelTX is no longer with us – so your guess is as good as mine.

Why don't you test it?

Keep in mind that the Keyboard Maestro Editor now has its own Engroup command though:


This is available from the Actions menu and the contextual-menu.


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