KM variable in Time() function

Hi! Is it possible to using a variable in the TIME() function? For example, TIME(%Variable%TimeA%) or TIME(2020,04,%Variable%Day%,12,0,0)?

Yes, it's quite easy. You just need to enter the variable's name as-is, like TIME(A) or TIME(2020,04,Day,12,0,0).

Thank you!

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I couldn't get Time(A) to work. The only way I can use Time() function with variable is by using a variable for each parameter: %Calculate%TIME(arr_time_yy,arr_time_M,arr_time_dd,arr_time_hh,arr_time_mm,arr_time_ss)%.

Is there any way to use the following?
A = 2020,04,01,12,0,0

No, I don't believe there is. As far as I know, variables inside a calculation field, which includes functions like TIME(), can only contain numbers, so it won't recognize the commas included in a variable like that example.

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