KM Wiki Update: Using the Keyboard Maestro Forum

Submitted for your review, comment, and revision, updates to
###KM Wiki article: Using the Keyboard Maestro Forum


  1. Clarify upload of macro by Share button
  2. Provide instructions for manual upload (needed for KM6)


  1. Reorganize and rewrite the section on sharing/uploads
  2. ADD sharing screenshots
  3. ADD section on manual upload
  4. Move “Where to Post” to top of page
  5. Add link for forum search
  6. Rewrite/reformat section on posting questions

Looks good. I made some minor additions:

  • added a couple more times mentioing to use the General category and not the Macro category.
  • added a link to the Select Clipboard Image File macro
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Great! I had forgot about that since I always use Chrome.
Thanks for adding it.