KM with Open Office

I have a library of KM macros in Excel which are triggered by typed strings such as `dc for delete column. After the accent I type the initial of what I want to have happen and presto. (The technique came from years ago- it was built into 123.)

I am transitioning to Open Office and I am unable to do this. In Excel KM sits between the keyboard and Excel so KM picks up the typed string. In Open Office KM seems to be asleep and the typed string goes directly into the current OO cell.

Any ideas?

is the macro in a Global group?
or if it's inside a group, is this group enabled for Excel AND Open Office?

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Thanks for the thoughts. Yes, the group was properly enabled. After shutting down KM and OO, and restarting - the problem went away. The worst kind of problem is one you fix without knowing how you did it.

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Reboot of an app or OS often solves strange and unusual problems. Given the complexity and number of bugs in todays apps and OS, it is not surprising that occasionally strange behavior occurs.