KM won't recognize mouse buttons click of steelseries Rival500

I’m using steelseries Rival500.
And in KM macro editor, as trigger choosing device key, KM won’t recognize any mouse buttons clicking of steelseries Rival500. Only indicated “None”.
Using another mise I have, KM can recognize that.
Is this bug? or for my setting?

USB devices using the HID (Human Interface Device) “specification” can send their data in an almost unlimited number of different ways.

Keyboard Maestro can detect any “button” that turns a single bit of data on and then off again when you press and release it. Any “button” that does that can be recognised by Keyboard Maestro, and any other data changes cannot. So if the device changes two bits on and two bits off, then Keyboard Maestro cannot detect it. If it changes data in any other way, Keyboard Maestro cannot detect it.

Unfortunately, basically, if it doesn’t work, you can’t do much about it.

Thanks, peternlewis.
OK, I’ll try another way.