KM11: 'Move Mouse to (x,y) from the Current Mouse Location - "Just move" seems to click and hold

I want to use {cmd}+right-click in Pro Tools to trigger a macro,bringing up a specific context sub-menu and then moving the cursor there for convenience.

'Just move' seems to be doing more than just moving the cursor. After repositioning, the UI stops responding to clicks and mouse-overs as usual. If I click on any menu item it instead confirms selection of the highlighted item, 'Match Criteria'.

I've taken a screen recording to demonstrate:

Am I doing something wrong?

I don't know if whether this is relevant but the mouse is a Logitech m510 using the Steermouse alternate mouse driver/prefpane.

I tried disabling the final mouse move and was still locked out of interacting with the context menu using the mouse. So then I tried disabling every action but the first one:

Still the issue persisted.

So I tried removing that first Click action:

All good now! I guess I didn't need it in the first place.

Unlike the Hot Key trigger, which generally overrides the default behavior, the USB Device Key trigger simply senses the key event (but cannot override it).


Thanks for clarifying.