KM9 can't find Streamdeck as a USB device?

Hi There,
I'm new here, but I've been using KM for years and love the program and what it can do.
I recently bought a Streamdeck and I was pleased to see support for it announced in KM9 shortly afterwards.
I started to try to program it with KM9 using it to trigger directly, rather than using keyboard triggers and initially the keys showed up when I pressed a Streamdeck key as they do with other USB key devices.
However as of yesterday the Streamdeck keys no longer show up, its as if KM can't see it as a USB device any more, even though its still working fine with the Streamdeck app. I haven't changed anything that would affect it and I've tried re-boots etc.
Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Is it safer to go back to using keyboard triggers from the Streamdeck app if its going to be a bit unstable like this?

When the StreamDeck software is running, it 'steals' the USB device, so it is not seen anymore by KM. So, in StreamDeck, you have to install the KM plugin so it will send triggers to KM.

That's weird, I had it working with the SD software running, maybe that was a fluke?
Where do I get the KM plugin and will I still be able to program the keys, add icons etc?

Ah Ha!
Thanks Fokke.