LanguageTool 3.9 not available

I’m just trying to activate LanguageTool 3.9 (standalone version) from KBM.
Though it’s already opened, it’s not available in the list of applications (in “Activate a specific application”).
I also tried with the jar file itself (with “Other”…), but it does nothing.
Any suggestion?

What kind of application is it? Java?

Yes, it’s Java. But my other Java apps are available in KBM…

It’s the stand-alone app at the bottom of this page:

I had problems with another Java app (CafeTran). Chris created this script for me:

Perhaps something like this can be created for LanguageTool too? I'm not sure where he got the identifier ...

LanguageTool does NOT identify itself to the system.

The only process that shows up is Java, and that’s the fault of the developer.