Large Amount of Text in Set Variable Action Gives as Result: Spinning Beach Ball

Not sure if it's just me or a bug, but I get the spinning beach ball if I paste a large amount of text in this box:


How large?

Hmm, pasting the whole source of the NYtimes homepage.
But I think I should not do that :slight_smile:

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You can get the number of characters, which would be much more useful, using the KM Filter action: Count the characters.


Just a follow-up suggestion.

KM really does not like large strings, like a large HTML block of text.

  • It clogs up the single, macro source file that is just an xml of ALL of your macros.
  • It clogs up the KM Variable list, which KM tries to maintain in memory
  • As you have seen, it can slow down the KM Editor.

So, when you need to deal with a large block of text, I suggest storing it as a file, and then, if you can't use the file directly in KM, load the file into a KM Local Variable, which is automatically cleared/deleted when the Macro finishes running.


thanks for the tip, will use the External file suggestion :+1: