LastPass password manager

LastPass has been creating problems in general on Safari I know. Things get locked into ‘password’ disable modes if Lastpass is logged in. I found textexpander vulnerable and now Keyboard Maestro gets into a kind of loop. Just giving a heads up about it really. All one needs to do is close Safari and reopen usually, I close KM too.
I need Lastpass and can’t just close it off. I am preopared to have some glitches rather than do without security so this is not a whinge. It would be nice if Safari could solve it though.

If by this you mean you get a stream of notifications, you are probably suffering from this issue in the new Safari version:


Thanks Peter. That was the loop.
I think Last Pass is causing a problem too though and KM shows it is disabled sometimes after one fills in a password field using LastPass. I will disable that feature on Safari as you suggest.

This is the advantage of having the developer on site as it were. Thanks Peter and well analysed. You did mention the LastPass problem on the Wiki too I notice. Sorry I took up space here with it.