Launch Gmail Compose, paste message from clipboard

Hi team,

I’m new to Keyboard Maestro but it looks amazing. I was wondering if someone can help me with a question. Is it possible to copy the clipboard and launch a Gmail compose window ( and paste the contents of the clipboard into the message section of the mail?

I type my emails into a text editor and would like with a single keypress to dump them into gmail.

Thanks a million

Hey Ryan,

Search the forum for “gmail compose”, and see what you get.  :wink:

Like: Gmail - Compose Macro


Hey Chris.

Thank you so much. Why didn’t I think of that :slight_smile:

I’ve actually found this Can’t seem to get variables & clipboard to work which I should be able to modify as part of my KM initiation and do what I’m after.

Thanks again for your guidance. I’ll share my script back with the community when it’s done.


Hey Ryan,

What browser are you using with Gmail?

I can adjust the script in the Gmail - Compose Macro post to use Safari (or a couple of others).


Amazing!!! Thanks Chris. Lifesaver.

I’ll be using Chrome.

Many thanks,

Hey Ryan,

Then the last post in this thread should just work for you.

Gmail - Compose Macro

It will get you to the point of having a compose message panel available to paste into.


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