Launch Multiple Properly Ordered Spaces with One Click on Dual Monitors?


I'm sure there is an elegant way to do this, but am a bit overwhelmed by the myriad awesome features that Keyboard Macro offers, and also I am not very computer literate. Thus, I'm hoping that someone wise can guide me to a fairly solution to this request.

Can one open many applications and windows at once and have them distributed in the same fashion each time across dual monitors and spaces?

Every time I start a particular project I launch:

Safari (with 4 tabs for relevant links)
Adobe Acrobat (4 files, in 4 different windows on the second monitor
A specialized app in its own space on the second monitor
Another specialized app in its own space on the primary monitor.
Excel file in its own space on the second monitor.

I have links to all of these apps, webpages, and files in one folder, so it's easy enuf to open all at once with a mass selection.

But I would LOVE to have them all get distributed correctly across both monitors, in the order I prefer, without spending 5 minutes doing this each time I start!

And in general is there a way to have a set of applications for a particular project that will launch app 1 on left desktop2, app 2 on left desktop 3, app 4 on left desktop 5, app 6 on right desktop 2, app 7 on right desktop 3, etc.?

iOS 10.15.7 and KM v 9.1

Thank you very much!!!

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