Launching an App in Full-Screen on a Specific Space

I want to launch and full-screen it on its own space. However, if possible, I'd like it to be launched not on the current space but a particular space.

I tried to simulate the full-screen action shortcut, but it did not work at all. I've also posted a request for help with launching other apps in a macro here. If someone can help with that too, it would be appreciated!

Any help is appreciated!?

Position App Windows.kmmacros (44 KB)

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The forum already has a lot about Spaces. Try this search Search results for 'Spaces' - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

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Hey Kamil,

Apple does not provide a public API to allows this (to the frustration of many), so Keyboard Maestro cannot do it (nor can AppleScript).

The most comprehensive work on Spaces on the forum is by @_jims and can be found here:


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Hi @szfkamil. Everything @ccstone shared is correct but I suggest you start with a newer thread. It contains the second generation of my macros. I’ve left the first thread (the one in @ccstone’s post) because there may be a few people using an older version of KM that does not support subroutines. But assuming you use a recent version (highly recommended!!!), start here:

MACROS: Desktop Spaces • Macros to Improve Navigation and Window Management, v1.1

Hey @_jims,

I checked the post. In it, you even showed the native settings to switch between spaces. I am also using a TWM Amethyst, but I'm not quite sure what the advantages of using those macros are over the TWM and default MacOS actions?

To move the Obsidian app to a specific space and full-screen it, I can use a keystroke action. I'm trying to pause the execution of these two keystrokes until Obsidian is at the front and active; sometimes, even when it's at the front, it's not 'active' in the sense that it's not selected, so the keystroke action does not work. How can I nest two keystrokes in the Pause action and also add the condition that Obsidian is 'active' in the sense that I've described?

Launch Work apps Subroutine Macro (v10.2)

Launch Work apps Subroutine.kmmacros (2.8 KB)

Obsidian isn't a "proper" macOS app, so don't expect it to work properly with open. Electron apps are like that...

Try launching it with the usual KM "Activate an application" action, "Pause until... Obsidian is active", then using @_jims's tips/macros for Space manipulation, then hiding it if required.