League of Legends Lane Caller!

This is the only League of Legends Lane Caller for Mac!

I have developed two versions. Version 1 is a very simple lane caller that just when you press a key it will call your lane that you can specify in the macro. Version 2 is a lot more complex and better lane caller. This lane caller can call your lane and pick your champion.

In order for this awesome lane caller to work, you are going to need to download Keyboard Maestro. Once you have downloaded and installed Keyboard Maestro you can now open up one of the versions you downloaded.

Keyboard Maestro Download: https://www.keyboardmaestro.com/main/

Now before you can start using the lane caller you have a few more steps and customizations.

Step 1:

For both Versions you can customize your hotkey, it is set to backwards slash by default, because that key is one of the closest keys to the mouse.

Step 2:

When ever you open the league of legends game client make sure it's positioned at the top of your screen reaching bot edges of the screen.


Step 3:

Now you need to find the correct coordinates for your monitor so the mouse knows where to click. To do this, start up a custom game and on all the green macros click on get and move your mouse to the location it tells you to by the title of that macro(make sure your mouse is right in the middle for each place). Also if you want to make sure you got it in the correct place click go and it will move the mouse to the location.

Step 4: Where it says your lane, type in the message or the lane you want to call. Then you will find a option that says Champion's name. Type in the champions name that you want to play(make sure its spelled correctly or at least the first 5 letters).

If the worded tutorial was too complicated or complex, then watch the video tutorial.

Video Tutorial: https://youtu.be/JBRF6-g-V3s

Things to note:

If you download both version make sure you have different hot keys for each one, or disable one by clicking on the check mark by the name of the macro to turn it into an X that will disable the macro.

Version 1:

Lane Caller.kmmacros (3.9 KB)

Version 2:

Lane Caller 2.kmmacros (8.7 KB)