Let's use the macOS Manu Bar for macro names

I have a suggestion - and this forum is for suggestions.

The KM icon in the macOS Menu Bar is occasionally useful, but for me, something far more useful would be for the names of any macros that are triggered by the KM engine to appear in the macOS Menu Bar (perhaps the first 8 letters, since many of my macro names are long). On my Menu Bar in the upper right corner of the screen the leftmost item is the date/time. I would like to see, to the left of that, the names of the triggered macros (eg, Macro1 Macro2 MacroX). And let’s do something useful with the names. If I click on any name that should pause the macro (and the name should go grey) until I click again on it but if I right click on the macro name then the macro should be cancelled.

I would use this feature constantly because I’m constantly testing and debugging my macros. I am aware of the Debugger window, and i use it occasionally, but it has a few problems like (a) it takes a lot of screen space for what I need it for; (b) the data in that window is shifting around so fast that it’s hard to read.

And while I’m at it, let me suggest there should be a way to leave a macros name permanently in the Menu Bar (perhaps it would be coloured blue to indicate its permanence) and if I click on it there then it would be triggered (which would turn it black). When the macro completes it would revert to blue.

Only about 10% of my ideas make it into KM, (which is not a bad ratio) but this idea is really not that complicated to implement and would be extremely helpful for me every hour of every day.

There is a shareware(?) macOS utility called bitbar which allows shell commands (and therefor KM) to update the Menu Bar. I have used it before but I’m not currently using it. I think I could implement some of my ideas above using this method. But if KM supported it directly it would be much easier and better.

Alternatively, if KM allowed me to fetch the names of all running macros, that would help me a little bit.

I’m doubtful that I would implement this. Keyboard Maestro can easily have multiple macros running, and it would rapidly fill the menu bar.

Running Macros are listed in the Cancel sub-menu in the status menu.

An AppleScript accessible list of running macros is on the todo list.


True, understood, but I didn’t mean for all macros to be tracked this way, only the ones that were triggered by the KM engine. That would be amore manageable number.