Library of macros to control Tweetbot 3 application

Keyboard Maestro 8.2.1 “TWEETBOT Macros” Macro

TWEETBOT Macros.kmmacros (1.0 MB)

This is a collection of macros which allow one to access various functions in Tweetbot (primarily menu items) via KM hotkey. Hit the hotkey and a conflict palette pops up with various options. The macros are or should be disabled and will need to be enabled to work.

First off, thanks for creating the macros for Tweetbot 3! I'm relatively new to Keyboard Maestro and still have lots to learn but I can't get the macro that blocks users to work. I've activated both the group and the BLOCK USER macro in KM, and it works more-or-less properly when I Try it, but not at all when I shift the focus to Tweetbot and then invoke the hot keys. Any suggestions?

BTW, my “more-or-less comment” is because they added a confirmation dialog in the latest version of Tweetbot (3.3.3) that means I'd have to add an additional action to confirm/close the dialog.

To get the Block User macro to work -- it's just a Menu option -- I have to select the tweet, then engage the macro. Seems to work for me. Are you selecting the tweet by the user you want to block?

Thanks for your help. Yes, I've got the tweet in focus so it's probably something else I'm not doing correctly. Back to doing more testing and learning for me I guess. Again, thanks for both the macros and for your help.

Try the menu function to see if that at least works. I mean, without engaging KM.

Yes, the normal Tweetbot User > Block User… function works fine if I don't try to use KM to invoke it. I think I just need to study more on the basics of KM because I'm obviously missing something very simple and I don't want to waste any more of your time on noob problems. Thanks again.

Well, I'm cooped up at home avoiding COVID 19, so I've got time to work on "noob" problems! Send me a screenshot of the KM macro, if you don't mind!