List currently executing macros?

Is there a way to list currently executing macros? – perhaps a way to pull it from the Keyboard Maestro status menu?

Is there a way to kill (stop) a specific (by name, or id) macro?

The “Cancel” submenu of the Status Menu shows the macros currently running and allows to kill them (just select the macro to kill from this menu or “Cancel All Macros” to kill them all).

In status menu there is a menu item called cancel. This shows you the running macros and you can cancel them.

You could also make a macro to cancel all macros. I have made one so that pressing ctrl+alt+cmd+escape cancels all running macros

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Specifically, I’m looking for a way for a macro to get a list of running macros and/or kill a specific one.

I do have a “Kill All” macro, but that is not what I’m looking for here.

No, there is no way to get a list of running macros, or to cancel any particular instances of macros by name.

A macro can cancel itself, it can cancel all other executions, or both. There is no facility to cancel a macro by name or otherwise.

The best you can do is set a variable and then have the macro periodically check that variable and self-cancel (perhaps setting another variable, or using a semaphore to allow the second macro to wait for the first to cancel itself.

Does this ‘“Cancel” submenu of the Status Menu’ still exist in Keyboard Maestro 7.3.1.?

Yes, you can manually cancel a macro using the Cancel sub menu, or the debugger. But their is no action to cancel a specific macro.

Thanks Peter! But I have to admit that I am unable to find said menu. Could
you elaborate with a little more detail?

In the Keyboard Maestro status menu (icon menu on the right side of the menu bar), near the bottom there is a Cancel hierarchical menu that you can use to cancel running macros.

Oh, I guess I had never clicked on the icon! :smiley:

Got it, thanks