Little trick I use to help using palettes

KM palettes are amazing and I am using them more and more as time passes.

One thing I love about them is that you get to see what each letter you will type after the palette shows up does.

Certain macro actions however require some input so I specify it in curly brackets. Usually this input is what is in my clipboard. So here for example is an app specific palette for MacDown app which I use to write GitHub README's:

You can see that centered image - {image src} action requires {image src} to be in my clipboard before activating the macro. Here is how that macro looks :

I think passing required args to the action in curly braces is pretty neat. I wonder if I am alone in using this trick. :slight_smile:


Nice tip (I moved it to the Tips category).

I do the same thing in my Mail palette, except with square brackets, but it is very useful to remind myself that I need to have a certain thing (or sometimes a set of things) copied.

If I have more than one thing copied as a parameter, I try to write my macro so it can accept the things in either order (usually the things are different enough that the macro can tell which one is which).