Local & Instance Variables Still Show in "Preference:Variable"

The wiki page says:

Since Local and Instance variables are transient, they are not shown in the Variables preferences pane.

But they actually show up there:
Screenshot 2020-06-22 10.38.58

Am I missing anything? (I have too many variables. I hope I can reduce the number of variables shown in "Preference:Variable".)

I don't see any variables in your list beginning with the word Local or Instance so that would confirm what you've quoted from the WiKi. Or is there another question that I am missing?

I followed the thread here:

It says:

Variables with names that start with “Local ” or a double-struck L (𝕃) are considered local to a specific instance of a specific macro.

The replies follow also use "𝕃" to replace "Local". I might be wrong? Or something has changed?

The double-struck L and I were removed in version 8.0.1. See here.

There was a discussion about the use of double-struck characters and alternatives to them since they’re not so easy to type but it came to nothing. That is readable somewhere in the forum but I can’t find it right now and anyway it’s not relevant anymore.

So, the answer to your question is to put local/instance in front of your variables: it’s not case-sensitive and you can use underscores too if you want - like local_variable.

Hope that helps.

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Ah! That's why!

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Ooo! You replied before I finished my re-edit: cool!