Logic Pro – How to Click on a Specific Plug in Mixer

Hi All,

I'm new to KM and I'd like to use it to automate some tasks in Logic Pro.

My goal is to automate the activation/deactivation (toggle) of a specific plug in in the master channel.

I think the best way is to use an action that could find the plug in name and click on it, but I don't figure out how to achieve it.

Note that the plug in can be in different positions (even outside the visible space of the monitor) because of the number of tracks present in the mixer.

I've tried with the action "find and click image" but it doesn't work because the plug in can be active or not in a certain moment, and the color of the button could be different (grey or blue).

Please help!

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Hi ccstone,

I've actually read several times the topics about LogicPro but, as I mentioned, I'm pretty new to KM and I didn't find a solution...

thanx anyway

The easiest way to do this would be to use a midi command to trigger the plugin bypass. If you wish to use KM for this, rather than a dedicated controller, it's quite simple.


In Logic, go to Prefrences, click on Midi and then Inputs. Make sure Keyboard Maestro is checked.

Bypass or enable the plugin, then open Controller Assigments and trigger your new midi macro. This will associate that command with bypassing the plugin.


Actually, it is pretty easy to take pictures of both states and put them in the "If-Then" action... I use the same method for Bypassing logic's plugin.

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If I'm not mistaken, it appears that you're using that to bypass plugins when their GUI is open. In which case, you don't need found images, as the bypass button is always in the same location relative to the front window position.

You are right however at that time I preferred to used found image for my macro and it stayed since.

I did the same, but I felt it was worth changing to avoid the lag induced by searching for the found image.

The only drawback is that if you click away from the plugin GUI, it is no longer the front window. However, I got around this by automating it's selection as part of the bypass macro, using window titles. Still much more snappy than using found images. I only use the Tracks and Mixer windows in my main screenset, so this works fine for me. However, if you habitually change screensets, you could easily create a window name whitelist that includes all your main Logic windows; any other window whose name does not appear on the whitelist would be the plugin window. It's slightly convoluted because Logic, unlike other DAWs, doesn't title plugin windows in an identifiable way.

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But here is the Question:

In the first picture I have slected the plugin window hence the white border around it.

If I select the Main window of logic the white border is gone and I am not sure if that would be considred the front window postion anymore.

Will your way still work?

Lol you read my mind....

I added to my previous reply, apparently after you began your latest one. You can see how I got around it, using window names, in this macro:
Bypass:Mute:Solo:Clear Solo.kmmacros (73.2 KB)

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