Logic Pro - Macro Megathread (2022)

You need to use the KM Link SD plugin and put prompt in the parameter field in order for the macro to know you want the prompt to appear.

Thank you. I'll have a go and see what happens.


Hey Guys,

I just found this software, have anyone tried this?

Auto bouncing is the number 1 reason I started to digging KM, but unfortunately I haven't found a satisfactory way to use auto bouncing tools in Logic Pro.

Cost is not cheap at all (regular cost is more expensive than LPX itself), but it would be priceless if it works stably.

Wanna know how do you guys think?

Have you tried this macro?

Bounce Tracks.kmmacros

Does it do what you want it to and, if not, what would you like it to do?

Hey @noisneil, I've tried your macro of course and I love it.

But several missed things were critical adapting to my projects.
I've also tried to mod your macros but did not worked properly due to my lack of skills.

These things were essential and I tried to achieved.

  1. Queueing multiple tasks for batch export/bounces
    An extreme example of mine had to deliver over 30 songs in 1) stereo ref mixes (on both mp3 and WAV), 2) group stems, 3) individual tracks (dry/wet optional).
    Too extreme case though but anyway, just for setting prompts were consuming time a lot and I wanted save / load presets for batch prompts badly.
    If the batch bounce function can be achieved, wish having 'creating folder by its batch name' too.
    Cubase offers batch function but they put all the batches into a single folder if you don't manually create new folders and specify (wonder why?)

  2. Distinguish Folder/Summing stacks from general tracks.
    It was the biggest reason that decided not to use the macro.
    I use lots of folder stacks to put the tracks in order and to get advantage when bouncing as group stems.
    Macro just bounces the folder stacks same as general inst/audio tracks, so the dummy wav files were created a lot.

If I remember correctly, the moment that you shared the macro was before Logic offered 'Select Folder Stacks Only' menu,
At this point, I guess it would be easier to get which tracks are folder/summing stacks and which are not to be bounced.

  1. Select between Export and Bounce.
    As you might know, There is a significant difference in the amount of time required between Export and Bounce.
    Wished I could have options between them.

  2. Options for prepended numbers.
    It might be tiny stuff but I couldn't customized.
    I don't know the exact term for it but hope the prepended number starts with 01, 02, 03... like this.
    Most softwares imports files 11 after 1 and 21 after 2.

Hope my comment helps

I don't have any more time today so this isn't thoroughly tested, but I've added the following:

  1. The ability to trigger the macro...
  • While a project is open and Logic is at the front (bounces this project only).
  • With one or more projects and/or folders containing projects selected in the Finder (bounces all selected projects as a batch).
  1. The option to bounce a reference mix (.wav) as part of the batch processing. Plugins on the Output Track will be bypassed after the reference mix bounce.

  2. The option to skip Track Stacks. There's no perfect way to determine that the selected track is a Track Stack, so I've resorted to found images.

  3. The option to skip tracks that contain no regions. This could be good enough to account for Track Stacks too, but this depends on whether you have a habit of recording MIDI directly to a track stack track or adding MIDI regions to it in order to easily manipulate region-based automation, so I included both options.

  4. Prepended numbers with 00 formatting, as requested.

Notes on your requests:

I'm not sure if this was just an illustrative example or a request. By wet/dry you mean with/without any processing? That's surely going to vary from project to project. We could do a second bounce pass wherein we bypass all effects plugins for each track, but is that really what you'd want?

This macro (and the previous version) already creates a folder per project bounced. Is that what you mean?

Given that Export All Tracks as Audio Files is built-in to Logic, this could be a separate, far simpler macro. Would you actually need one at all? You'd end up with empty/track stack exports, as you're not going track-by-track.

Make sure to have a good dig through this macro and change any keystroke simulation actions to match your own key commands if necessary. Let me know if you encounter any issues.

Bounce.kmmacros (57 KB)

Macro screenshot

Bounce Tracks (Current Session) (SUB-).kmmacros (158 KB)

Macro Screenshot

The "Bounce" macro is the one to trigger, whether bouncing the current session or one (or more) from the Finder.

@noisneil Wow thank you for putting together such a comprehensive thread for us Logic Pro users!

Im not much of a scriptor, and am looking for some assistance setting up a few Mactros that I believe will change the game for me and hopefully many other users.

Specifically, id like a macro that would import specific tracks and session data from a session template, so that I can import multiple track types, many that may be part of stacks and have plugins engaged on them already.

Is this something you may be able to assist with, or provide some guidance on?

Thank you!

Hi! I'm happy to help where I can, but before we go down that road, can I ask what kind of scenario this might be?

Reason I ask is that I already created a macro for loading patches, which is functionally the same as importing a track stack.

Absolutely, and thank you!

My goal is to have a library of audio track types available to import into my session.

As an example, I might have a folder which contains 3 track stacks, each of which contain 4 tracks - all pre color coded, labeled, routed etc, many with disabled plug ins instantiated.

For now I have begun prepping for this by creating a master track list session which contains all of the track types i typically create, but Im told it may be easier to create a session for each track type, rather than having them all stored in one session.

Ill definitely want to apply the same structure to instrument tracks, aux tracks etc, master etc.

Does this answer your question?

I think I understand :+1:t3:

Have you tried the patch macro? From your description, it sounds ideal. If not, we can look at importing tracks.

Id love to check it out but I cant seem to find it... would you mind directing me to it?

Is there a way to hotkey trigger a cmd + click, while the assigned hotkey is being pressed down? I want it to switch to the cmd tool, then paint a note, then length adjust it, then release the key to complete the action. I managed something similar in BTT, but with the disadvantage, that it does not let me hold down the cmd+ click action, which means that i can only paint default values at the mouse position...

It's under Plugin Drill at the very top.

So you want to draw a note with a specific length by clicking while holding a modifier? Is that right? If so, what length and what steps would you use to achieve this if doing it manually?

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I would like to execute a cmd click hold with a hotkey until I release the key. A left click hold with the same procedure would also be very nice!

The reason is that I hate clicking on the trackpad and that way could outsource everything to keys other than moving the cursor.

You want to hold a key and press another key in order to draw a note of a specified length into the piano roll? Is that right?

This can't be done the way you expect, as simulated mouse actions will be interrupted by any real world hardware input. Therefore, unless you can find a way to do what you want to do with the keyboard alone, you're out of luck.

Thank you for taking a look at my issue, Neil! I try to describe my problem as detailed as possible:

I want to press and hold a hotkey down, which should trigger a CMD + Left Click (both being hold down as long as the hotkey is down) and i want these to be released, when I release the hotkey.

What this should accomplish:
Pressing the hotkey while moving the mouse cursor, so i can easily midi draw notes here and there (when the pencil tool in the piano roll is the cmd tool) and easily make marquee selections (when the marquee tool is the cmd tool in the arranger).

I managed to do that in BTT with any hotkey i want, except the fn key (which unfortunately is exactly the hotkey that i want this behavior to be assigned to haha), so i am trying it in KM.

Do you know if this is possible with KM, or perhaps know, why BTT is a bit dumb regarding the fn key (in KM i can easily select the fn key as a device key trigger)?

As soon as you move the mouse, any simulated mouse actions will be interrupted, so this is not possible.

I don't use BTT. @Frankb might know..?

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Ahh, that's too bad, but thanks for clarifying! I have it assigned to another key atm, but if I could get it to work with the fn key, it would be much better for my workflow!

And somehow BTT can utilize these functions without interrupting the cursor behavior of the trackpad, so for me BTT + KM + CursorSense seems to be the way to go for me now.

And just another quick question, is it possible to program a macro, that brings an already open window of a specific application (Sample Manager) to the front, and when pressed again, brings back the main logic window to the front (with key focus)?

Edit: I managed to do the macro myself! Thank you anyways!

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