Lose font during replacement; is it my macro implementation or a common problem?

I'm running the latest version of El Capitan on a 16 Gb MacBook Pro. I'm using the various Clipboard filters (lowercase, uppercase, titlecase, color) with content in MS Word 2016 and Evernote.

My macros work as expected, but the replacement text loses its original font, defaulting to Helvetica in Word and Times in Evernote. Font size, color, and bold, italic, underline attributes ARE preserved - I'm just losing the actual font itself.

I recently posted a similar question looking for ways to reselect the original text so I could re-format the text after a change. Others have reassured me they are NOT losing fonts during clipboard filters. Now I'm hoping that the problem is with my macro or a possible configuration option on my side.

Attached is a screen shot of my simple upper case macro. Can anyone see anything wrong with my approach that would cause the my macro to lose its font name? Thank you!

Follow-up: I created the most simple macro possible … a copy followed by a paste … and tested this macro in TextEdit, Word 2016 and Evernote and the macro worked as expected: The copied text … no matter how richly formatted … preserves all its formatted attributes following the paste. Adding the Clipboard Filter step to this workflow results in the pasted text losing its font (but none of the font attributes) on my El Capitan system.

I believe there’s a El Capitan/KM compatibility issue present.

Is there a tool to capture raw clipboard data for diagnostic purposes?

You might take a look at the Clipboard View in the Mac App Store:

Hey JM,

That critter has a few problems:

The window doesn’t remember where it has been positioned or resized.

Resizing the window causes the status bar text to overlay the clipboard type list - and the the [ACII], [HEC], [BOTH] buttons to be squashed.

This otherwise handy little app needs some TLC. (It hasn’t gotten any love since 2014.)


Yep, but it’s the best diagnostic Clipboard viewer I know of, or, I should say, better than nothing. :wink:
Do you have something better?

Hey JM,

There’s a challenge – you write one.  :smile:

I may beat you to it, but don’t hold your breath.


Bumping this post. I’m still experiencing the problem of Keyboard Maestro losing the font information following a paste. Having to manually go back and re-apply formatting often defeats the benefits of my automation.

Hoping that someone has experienced something similar and can confirm the problem I’m seeing or if this behavior is specific to my setup?

I’m happy to provide traces, logs, screenshots, or any other type of diagnostics to correct the loss of font formatting.

Thank you,

Hey Malcom,

I just tried this in both Word (2011) and the most recent Evernote.

Both font and style seem to be preserved correctly.

Keep in mind that it's pointless to use a named clipboard for a simple filter-clipboard operation – the MAIN clipboard is the channel for copying to a NAMED clipboard.

This macro has worked without issue in Word and Evernote but is only lightly tested. Give it a try, and let me know if it solves your problem. (The Copy and Paste actions should obviate the need for the Pause action, but you can adjust that if needed.)


Generic-Test 01.kmmacros (2.5 KB)