Losing characters in other apps

I've started losing characters in other apps, specifically MS Word 2019 (haven't tried the other MS Office apps). This happens when I am typing a word in a document and letters will be dropped, resulting in a partial word. It's not necessarily the first letter but it seems to be random. When I quit KM, it stopped. That's the only app I have noticed it happening in...e.g. this message has no problems. I only have Brave browser and Mail open, so no other memory hogs.

Mid-2014 iMac
No external drives

Any typed string triggers ? You could also look into the macros you have set up to be active specifically under MS Word, if that's the only application you're noticing the problem.

Check the Help ➤ Interactive Help and see if anything unexpected is happening. Maybe a macro is being triggered unexpectedly.

Thanks for the help.

Nothing apparent in the interactive help. I didn't give it much of a test today since I wasn't working in Word too much. Maybe tomorrow.

Time to put this to rest. I've been having serious problems with delays and dropped characters in most apps today. I quit KM and the trouble is still here. Going to look in somebody else's yard.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Have you considered the problem might be with your keyboard?

It’s certainly a possibility. When I get back to the computer, I’ll shutdown everything and try it in text edit.