Mac El Capitan 10.11.5 Issues

I’m seeing a lot of issues reported for the 10.11.5 Update to El Capitan:

I know of at least 3, and then there is a long list at OS X El Capitan at Apple Support Communities

  1. KM Safari Actions that Peter posted
  2. Evernote Clipper for both Safari and Chrome
  3. El Capitan 10.11.5 update SMB slow (bug)

See Search of Apple Support Communities El Capitan Section for "10.11.5"
Found 112 topics, many new ones just today.

I don’t know of any compelling reasons to update to 10.11.5.
OS X 10.11.5 El Capitan Update — Released

I’m still on 10.11.4, and plan to stay there until these issues are resolved.

If you have experienced any issues specific to 10.11.5, please post them here.

I actually had a horrifying experience. I can’t actually prove it was because of the upgrade. On the other hand, it happened right after rebooting from the upgrade, so it seems pretty likely.

Immediately after the upgrade and reboot, I noticed my Mail dock icon was messed up (don’t remember what it looked like, it was just wrong). When I clicked on it, it said the application was corrupted (or something like that). Then I clicked on Chrome, and it said the same thing, and the icon changed to something that was wrong. I tried it one more time with another app, probably iTunes, and the same thing happened.

Needless to say, a chill was running through my body.

Fortunately I had started a rigorous backup routine a couple of months ago, including making monthly Carbon Copy Cloner full bootable backups, and running Time Machine backups hourly also. Miracle of miracles, Time Machine restored everything just like it should.

Once everything was restored, I ran a virus scanner and it didn’t find anything other than a couple of normal tracking cookies.

Since then, I haven’t had the guts to try it again. Can you blame me?

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I tried the update yesterday and I thought it toasted my OS as my desktop was gone and machine was not working properly. I was able to reboot in safe mode and then back to normal mode. It then said the update had not been applied. I too have not had the courage to try it again. I will wait for an update for the update.

I didn't read the details, but issues about Mail were reported in the Apple Support Communities links I posted above.

I'm glad you were able to recover. Who could blame you???

My personal policy for a long time is to NOT update anything (apps, OS, etc) when it is released, and to wait at least a week, often longer, to see if there are any adverse reports due to the update.

Do you remember the Microsoft NT SP2 incident?

Hey Guys,

Rule-of-the-thumb when upgrading the OS on a Mac.

Never use the delta-updater – use the combo-updater.

Combo-updaters are usually available from 1 to 5 days after the delta-updater comes out – it is worth waiting. Combo-updater installations are nearly always smoother and safer than the deltas (my experience over ~ 20 years – which agrees with many Mac tech professionals).

What is a combo update and how is it different than the regular update?

Always save your system software installers. Never assume they’ll be available from Apple when you want/need them.

My own installation of 10.11.5 was uneventful, and yes I used the combo-updater.


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Thanks for all the info, and I'm glad the update to 10.11.5 went well for you. However, there are way too many reports of issues for this to be simply due to which installer you used.

IAC, Apple should ensure that the standard update via the App Store (which I would think most Mac users use) should be flawless, and the update should be better tested before releasing. Until today, I never heard of the "combo-updater", and I suspect that is the case with most users.

I am still NOT going to update until I see a compelling reason to do so, and the issues posted at Apple Support seem to be resolved and taper off.

Yes, but it's never going to happen.


And I don't expect it to. That's why I always wait a week or longer after the release of anything so I can see if there are issues.

You may recall I waited a year after Yosemite and El Capitan were released before I upgraded. :wink: I have no problem waiting months, if need be, before 10.11.6 is released that fixes the issues in .5.

Don't get me started on Microsoft. I may have made a living through them, but there's no love lost.

Except for their development tools. Absolutely top-notch, and now they're free.

I updated to 10.11.5 several days after its initial release and have no issues with it… yet. OTOH I always virus scan and check my harddrive with DiskWarrior before I apply updates which may be the reason (or I could just be lucky).

I applaud your diligence, and in no way want to suggest you stop. However, I want to go to a casino with you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I expect that the large majority of users will be able to update without any issues.

However, given the large number of issue reports at Apple Support Communities, I’m not willing to risk it yet.

The key for me is that I need no compelling reason to update, so why risk it?

I applaud your diligence, and in no way want to suggest you stop. However, I want to go to a casino with you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I did leave a Casino in Yokosuka, Japan a winner back
in the 60's, ahead by 10₵ and I figured I'd quit a winner.

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has
its limits. - Albert Einstein

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Kind of odd. I installed the 10.11.5 update with the prior version of KM. Just dowloaded the KM 7.1.1 update and installed it a couple of days ago and today when a script fired off nothing happened.

I checked the that the websites form and button names hadn’t changed from what’s noted in the script and they haven’t. Apparently there is some issue after updating KM to 7.1.1.

Does anyone know if I can I downgrade back?

Good point Chris. Thank you for the reminder.

Though I can’t prove it the last update to El Cap seems buggy to me.

Have you fixed the Safari Actions Not Working issue in 10.11.5?

Doh! So it’s a feature not a bug! Thanks Apple!

I will do so. Dev menu is already enabled so I will flip the switch on Javascript from Apple Events

[after allowing JS from AE it’s still not working so I will do a browser restart then a reboot and see if that gets the macro working]

I hope this fixes it and if it does I will volunteer for the dimwit of the year award for updating KM without reading the release notes and checking the boards. With critical apps that I need to make sure work I usually read all that stuff. So consider it a sign that KM has become as important to me now as other apps that are critical to have working.

@peternlewis I just launched mail and one of the scripts fired off and completed successfully. So my hunch the other script that fired off couple of day ago will work. Thanks for directing me to the info.

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