macOS Music Album Artwork

I'm trying to create a macro that would help with adding album artwork to macOS Music. The BigSur upgrade took out a ton of my manually added artwork - thanks very much.

I got a macro to use the cursor location and open up the album, but I can't seem to get it to click on the Get Info menu pick and then select Artwork. I'd be happy if this part worked. Ideally if I could strip off the Artist and Album name and search the web in another window that would be great.

I'm sure I'll always want to select the artwork myself.

Maybe I need AppleScript for this sort of thing?


I'm using Monterey so none of this may help, but I would right click on the 3 dot circle image with 'click on found image action'(brings up the control menu).
Type keystroke G (selects Get Info), type Return key.
Will need a short delay between actions, .2 or .3 seconds for time to fill the drop down menu.
Then I would use click mouse actions to make the proper selections.

Wow - This is Great! The keystroke "G" worked right away. I needed 0.8 seconds of delay for the image recognition to work. Now when I run the macro I'm go right to the artwork input screen!

Now I'm (of course) wanting to figure out how to load variables of the Artist and Album name and search via the web (or even load them into the clipboard) So far, I haven't figured out how to get a click & drag to work at all. In fact the image recognition doesn't seem to pick up on the field text for some reason. If I want to load text into a web search - I don't see how to do that yet.

I love when you launch Safari from Keyboard Maestro it brings you to the KM Wiki :blush:

BTW -I'm on Monterey too ( I was just mentioning BigSur because that's what started my album art issue)

Thanks for the help!

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