Macro: Change Audio Input

I just created a macro to change the sound output. I got really tired of all the clicks, so I edited an applescript that I found somewhere (here maybe).

Few quirks: I didn't want to use the prompt user for input --> list feature since KM/apple doesn't allow the user to scroll through the list with the keys, so I ended up displaying the options in a separate window. Not the greatest solution, I know.

You'll need to fill in the various sound options yourself.

toggle Sound v3.kmmacros (5.5 KB)

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Hey @Jackson,

You can make the switching process quite a lot faster and smoother if you want to.

See this thread:

Switch Audio Source


@Jackson I think you've written a great apple script, can you help me in setting the output to a specific speaker.

The goal is to have script for setting the speaker to "Internal Speakers"

@JensBay Yeah, not hard at all. I think you'd just remove the "asrc" in the execute applescript section to "Internal Speakers" or something and then you'd remove all the text before the second "tell" statement – just run the applescript and tool around with it. If that doesn't work, lmk, I'll take a look over the weekend and feel free to remind me if I don't.