Macro doesn't work when using external shortcut keyboard


I'm using a small shortcut keyboard called XP-Pen AC19.
I've assigned their buttons with the hotkeys:
option+ctrl-shift+numbers 1-9
so I can use them in KM.

KM registers those hotkeys exactly when creating a macro.
But on execution the macros dont't work with the AC19, only by pressing option+ctrl-shift+number.
And by "don't work" I'm talking about weird behavior, where some of the macro actions work, but pasting stuff or pausing doesn't .
And when I press another AC19 key, not associated with a KM macro, then macro still gets executed.

Since the device isn't actually an external keyboard and is instead described as a wireless remote, in place of a Hot Key it may be necessary to use a Device Key for the trigger, whereby pressing a key on the XP-Pen tells Keyboard Maestro to simulate Option-Control-Shift-[number].

And while it's likely not to make a difference, a driver update for the XP-Pen was released just this week:

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maybe someone can tell me what to do with this(happens after the respective AC19 key is pressed. is supposed to trigger cmd+option+ - for zooming out, if Keynote is in front)?

the first option gives me an error message:

the second option... I never assigned undo anwhere.
I guess the AC19 is just buggy af. Or do you have an explanation?