MACRO: Engine.log Tool, v9.0

Here's a screenshot of my 13" width and at least to me, that wouldn't be a problem. I would rather have that button and having a wider window, than not having the button

I mentioned the Console, because I noticed that it highlights the error and so we could then copy to the clipboard. I wasn't aware of the modifier key. I just tried it holding OPTION and clicking Done, but the current message wasn't copied to the clipboard. Not sure if being on Catalina makes any difference, but it's not working.

Maybe this helps:
When I have stuff being copied to the clipboard, I always like to see a notification mentioning it, such as the message I shared ":white_check_mark: XYZ copied to the clipboard".
Some users may use that "method" as well, some don't, so the macro could include some kind of "setting" that could toggle that ON or OFF by simply using a variable at the top of the macro. If the variable "Local__notificationStatus" is set to "true" it shows a notification after hitting the "Copy to Clipboard" (or if the Option+Done is working as expected). If it's set to "false" then it won't show any notification.
That means that an extra action (Switch or If Then) needs to be added after the action that processes the "Done" button (or the "Copy to Clipboard" button).

Next "setting" is the message in the notification window. To avoid diving deep into the macro to customize the message, that could be added at the top of the macro as well, also with a variable (Local__notificationMessage). That way the user can decide if they want to see a notification or not and what message should be displayed.

Something along these lines:

Hope it makes sense.

Anyway, the Option+Done doesn't seem to be working on my end. Can you check if it's the macro itself or if maybe Catalina is the issue?

Thank you

Looks like you are running your 13" at a relatively high resolution. My concern is for those that are using a 13" at a relatively low resolution.

I don't have a 13", but on my 16" at 1168x755 (a.k.a. Larger Text) you can see that the current dialog almost spans the entire width of the display.

If I were to add another button, I highly suspect the dialog would be too wide for those using a 13" at the Larger Text display setting.

What version of Engine.log Tool are you using? What version of Keyboard Maestro?

I have two older Macs and my M1 Pro MacBook Pro 16" running the latest version of Sonoma. Option (βŒ₯) plus the Done button works as expected on all three. With the older two, one is running High Sierra and the other is running Mojave. Since those two predate Catalina and since I'm not doing anything exotic in the macro to achieve this function (just checking the state of the modifier key), I doubt if the source of your issue is Catalina.

Do all of the other modifier-plus-button combinations specified in the Help work as expected? If so, then you could try Command (⌘) plus the Done button. That should display the menu depicted in the sixth screenshot in the Engine.log Tool post. With one more press of <return> the displayed failure/timeout will be saved to the clipboard.

BTW, did you try the macro I shared in my previous reply? If so, did it properly update the clipboard?

Incidentally, I see in your first screenshot that the separator line wraps to the next line. That doesn't occur with Sonoma, but I had noticed the same issue with High Sierra and Mojave. I don't understand why the Prompt For User Input dialog gets rendered differently on the different macOS versions, but maybe @peternlewis could explain.

Anyway, since this isn't an issue with Sonoma and I had noticed the issue with Mojave (and since I didn't have any way to test Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, or Ventura–the versions in between), I partially addressed the issue by inserting logic to conditionally shorten the length of the separator for Mojave and older. But based on your screenshot, I need to at least change that condition to Catalina (and older). I'll change that in the next version.

Keyboard Maestro Forum Community: If you are running Big Sur, Monterey, or Ventura and you are using Engine.log Tool, please let me know if the separator line wraps to the next line. Thanks!

Probably a different system font (or just minor changes to the system font or its characteristics).

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Updated to version 9 and this is no longer an issue

Holding OPTION while clicking Done, still doesn't copy to the clipboard.
Holding CMD while clicking Done, opened this empty window the first time I tried it:

I tried it a few times again, but now it doesn't show it anymore, and it doesn't copy anything to the clipboard. (neither Option or Command)

I have KM 11.0.3

Ah, thanks for that report. I forgot that I added this logic for all versions prior to Sonoma. The wrapping might not be an issue for versions between Catalina and Sonoma (Big Sur, Monterey, or Ventura) but I didn't have any Macs running those versions to test.

Hum, perplexing! I'm not seeing these issues with any of my three macs, including the two that run macOS versions before Catalina. Also, I've not had anyone else report this issue.

I wonder if you might have something on your system that's causing the issue. To help troubleshoot, I've sent you a PM with a test macro. Please reply via the PM. Thanks.

BTW, did you try the macro I shared in above? If so, did it properly update the clipboard?