Macro note field

Is there a way to add a note field to a macro to hold info that’s not about an individual macro step? I have a KM menu for Apple Mail with actions to move mail from the inbox to a folder by dragging and dropping. The action does this, switches back to Mail from Finder, deletes the email and returns the cursor to the menu item ready to triage the next email. Other menu items add the sender’s address to a delete inbox rule or moves the email to another folder. Overall it’s great.

As this is UI based it depends on the KM menu being in the same place. I can record the location for the menu’s upper left corner and put it back there if it moves but have no obvious place to record and keep that location within the macro itself. Can the KM menu be placed other than by manually dragging? Suggestions? Thanks!

Yes. It is called a Comment action (KM Wiki). I routinely put one of the at the top of my macros to document the macro.

###Example Use of Comment Actions

I'm not clear on what "KM menu" you are referring to. Can you provide a screenshot?

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Thanks JMichaelTX!

Comment action is perfect! Never needed one before so never noticed them all over the place :laughing:

Why "KM menu" confused you is that I used the wrong name. It's the palette I'm using that I think of as a floating menu.

Thank you for your always commitment to support!