Macro of active hot keys?

Has anyone written a macro to display all the hot keys from the currently active macros?

Could be a palette, an alert, anything? I now have so many keyboard shortcuts that I can barely remember what's what!!!

If not, I'm blanking on a way to approach this. If anyone had any suggestions, I'd love to hear.


Use the KM Trigger Macro by Name action with a Search Strings of "h:" to show only those Active macros that have a hot keys.

Hi @richtack, I have a picklist for various keybaord keys for quick insertion. If I want to know if I already use a certain shortcut in KM or if it is still available, I proceed as follows:


Please note that you must always select "h:" in the macro to display the following shortcuts.

PickList Modifier Keys <1DDC 200824T031602>.kmmacros (10,1 KB)

PickList Modifier Keys <1DDC 200824T031602>

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I did not know about the h: trick. thanks!!!

Super helpful - nice to be able to filter all my hotkeys in KM by this. very appreciated for the macro!

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Thanks here to @JMichaelTX. Only through his script I was able to realize my idea with the hotkeys.

It is also very good for quick selection of tags to execute Hazel rules :wink:


It is not only suitable for filtering hotkeys... :wink:


oh, this explains why you didn't just bake the "h:" into the macro actions automatically. Funny, I have a glyph chooser that I never think to run. Maybe I'll combine these. Very, very interesting!

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Look scroll through this post.@richtack, there are many examples to create different picklists. Among other things there are also examples to create several picklists in one macro.

Maybe there is something for you :wink: