MACRO: Palette Organizer v1.1 (updated)

Hi appleianer, Nice video. Good move to go into sub pallets to keep the amount of material to sort thru small. While a good option, I was looking to condense everything I use regularly into one pallet and use different colors within that one pallet to help make one pallet easier to use. More pallets adds more clicks and more to recognize/sort out visually.

I know I’m talking about very detailed refinements and why not ask for what you want?

I do not know if I understood the question correctly. My English is not good (Google Translate :upside_down_face:)

I use a global palette (turn off Mac, start VPN, screenshots, etc.) A palette with sub-pallets with the actions, I have also created for each app (Pages, Mail, Safari …). The advantage is that I need only one shortcut for each app and its palette. The palettes I all call with a trackpad swipe gesture.

Hi appleianer,

English as a second language is tricky. Sorry that I did not know that a language barrier was part of the mix.

You have communicated clearly to me what you have done. What I am looking for is slightly different.

The sub pallets require an extra click. One click to print up the main pallet then another click on the sub pallet to execute the action. That’s two clicks. I want to do it with only one click. I do not want to click two times to get the action to execute.

Is this clear?


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Thank you for your explanation @BernSh. I have understood it now :nerd_face: That with the English is such a thing with me, therefore I still make short videos to my contributions. Running pictures are just international :wink:

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My response to your “tool” macros is increasingly becoming “f*@# that’s cool!”

LOL. Thanks. That made my day.

FYI, I just edited the top post to add a new version, v1.1. The rename process is faster, which you'll really appreciate if you have a lot of macros in a palette.


Tthousand thanks @DanThomas for your update. My Easter present for this year :+1:
Many greetings from Germany :rabbit2::egg::star_struck:

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I tried the updated macro @DanThomas. If I have rearranged the macros with "Renumber", the OK button cannot be activated with the Return key. I can only trigger it with the cursor.

Am I doing something wrong?

Does the return key work with the old macro? In any case, I didn't change anything in that dialog, so I wouldn't even know where to start. Fortunately, it's not like you run the dialog constantly, so a mouse click isn't the end of the world.

Please excuse my mistake @DanThomas. This really didn't work in the old macro either. Had extended the macro there. Sorry again.

No worries. You said you extended the macro, and I assume that's so the enter key worked. What did you do?

I control the macro with 2 mouse gestures @DanThomas.

I start your macro with ⌘ and a cursor movement to the left. I also use ⌘A to select all macros and a Move Cursor action to place them in the Palette Organizer window.

To save me further mouse clicks after arranging the macros, I use another macro, which I start with ⌘ and a cursor movement to the right.

I start the Renumber button and the following OK buttons with Click at Found Image actions:

Organizer Go.kmmacros (106,7 KB)

My organizer workflow will look like this:

Please excuse again the misunderstanding with the Enter key.

Thanks, and again, no problems. If you know HTML, you could modify the form to cause the enter key to work in the renumber fields, and then submit the form. The HTML is in the macro. Otherwise, your solution works just fine.

I always have ideas @DanThomas, but as far as scripting, HTML etc. is concerned, I am something like that from a beginner.
That's why I love Keyboard Maestro. You don't have to be a professional to simplify your everyday life on a Mac.

Very, very true. It's amazing that KM has enough for all of us!

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Thank you Dan!!!


Hi, I have an issue with the Macro: after selecting two or more macros, I trigger the Palette Organizer and reveive this message "Error:You must select two or more macros"

The only thing I can think is that maybe you don't have KM in "Edit" mode?


By the way, in the pic you posted, I can only see one marco selected. Make sure you really do have two or more macros selected, by using shift+click or command_click. Thanks.

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